A Divine Assignment by John Hagee

George Mueller was walking past an orphanage in London when he saw, sticking through a picket fence, the dirty hand of a ragged little girl.

 A Divine Assignment by John Hagee
Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself.

The measure of a men’s greatness is not the number of servants he has, but the number of people he serves!

George Mueller was walking past an orphanage in London when he saw, sticking through a picket fence, the dirty hand of a ragged little girl.  At that time orphans, lunatics and criminals were all thrown into one massive compound of human suffering.

That dirty little hand, pleading wordlessly through the fence, would not leave Mueller’s mind.  His heart was stirred to action as the Holy Spirit directed him to do all he could to show mercy toward the pitiful orphans of England.

A Divine Assignment

He discussed the matter with his wife, and they decided to open the doors of their home in a living demonstration of mercy.  Their faith pledge to each other was “the day the Lord stops providing the food and finances for these children, we stop.”

They promptly filled their home with orphans.  Without support from a single local church or government agency, they determined to give their all in this divine assignment.  They sold the beautiful silver service and heirloom china they had received as wedding gifts.  They stripped themselves of their wealth in absolute determination to provide for these unwanted children.

Daily Miracles

God supernaturally supplied the needs of the Muellers on a day to day basis with miracle after miracle.  When there was no food, Mueller would have the children fold their hands and give thanks for food that wasn’t there.  Before the prayer was ended, food would arrive from a merchant or businessman whom God had moved to provide for the children.

George Mueller filled his own house with orphans, then the house next door, and the next house, and the next, until the neighbors protested that the children were taking over the neighborhood.  Mueller asked God for an answer.  The next day he saw a beautiful piece of property.  “The orphanage will be built there,” he said.  He was told the property belonged to the government and was absolutely unavailable.  Six weeks later George Mueller owned the property and began building the most spectacular orphanage England had ever seen.

At age seventy-three, when most men are concerned with personal comfort and retirement, George Mueller was still housing, feeding, clothing and educating 2,500 orphans without one dime of support from church or state.

Mercy is Manifested in Serving

History proves that the only great men among us are those who serve.

The apostle Paul was a servant to God and man.  Nero was a rich, powerful, self-centered monarch who ruled Rome.  We name our sons Paul.  We name our dogs Nero!

Source:  Being Happy in an Unhappy World

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