Meekness is Mastery of Self! by John Hagee

A woman once said to me, “Pastor, sometimes I lose my temper. But it’s no big deal. It’s over in three minutes.”

 Meekness is Mastery of Self! by John Hagee
Better a patient man than a warrior, a man who controls his temper than one who takes a city.

Meekness is mastery of self!

A college president made this statement to a class of graduating seniors:  “It gets easier for man to control his universe, and harder a and harder for him to control himself.”

Can you control yourself?  A woman once said to me, “Pastor, sometimes I lose my temper.  But it’s no big deal.  It’s over in three minutes.”

I said, “So is a tornado!  But it takes days to bury the dead, weeks to assess the damage and years to recover the loss.  Do your family a favor and learn to control yourself!”

Meekness in Marriage

Wife, are you meek toward your husband?  Or do you pride yourself on your ability to manipulate him?  Your husband is the God-ordained leader of your house.  If you cut him to shreds, your marriage will be destroyed and your children will rise up and curse you.  I know he may not be the most dynamic man in the world.  But he’s the one you chose, the one to whom you pledged your love and loyalty.

Husband, are you meek toward your wife?  The Bible doesn’t say, “Husband, change your wife.”  It says, “Husband, love your wife and honor her as the weaker vessel.”  Marriage will not work without meekness from both parties.  It began when Adam took a nap and woke up married.  God didn’t take a bone from Adam’s head, so that the woman might rule over him, nor did He take a bone from his foot, that he might tread on her.  God took a bone from Adam’s side so that the love of his life could walk next to him as an equal partner.

Meekness in the Family and the Church

Parents are you meek toward your children?  The Bible says, “Fathers, do not exasperate your children” Ephesians 6:4.  Do you make unreasonable demands of your children?  Do you try to relive your life through them?  Are your expectations of them within bounds?

Are you meek toward your brothers and sisters in Christ?  Or are you incessantly critical of others?  Do you know that Satan criticizes the saints of God before His throne day and night?  The Bible calls him “the accuser of our brothers” Revelation 12:10.  When you criticize another member of the body of Christ, you are doing the work of Satan himself.  Ask God to crucify your critical spirit and give you a spirit of meekness and quietness.

A missionary in Africa once came upon some boys playing a game of marbles—using real diamonds.  He couldn’t believe his eyes.  There in the dust lay a fortune—priceless possessions considered to be of no value whatever; so it is with us and the priceless treasure of meekness.  God says, “It’s a pearl of great price.”  The world says, “Who needs it?”

Source:  Being Happy in an Unhappy World


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