Satan’s Plan by John Hagee

Why is it that Israel is undeservedly portrayed on the news every night in a negative fashion?

Satan’s Plan by John Hagee
And the angel of the Lord came down and cast Satan into the bottomless pit, and shut him up that he should deceive the nations no more. Revelation 20:3

Satan’s Plan For Nations Is To Deceive Them.
Have you ever wondered why there is such confusion over Washington, D.C.?  Because ‘confusion” is an evil spirit and it reigns over that city.  Brilliant men can’t see practical solutions to tough problems facing our nation because of this spirit.

Satan has confused the nations of the world with regard to Israel.  Why is it that the nations surrounding Israel are continually threatening to “wipe Israel off the map?”  Why is it that Israel is undeservedly portrayed on the news every night in a negative fashion?

The reason is spiritual…not political.  Jerusalem is to be the throne of Jesus Christ where He will rule the earth for a thousand years.  Satan has been struggling for control of the earth since day one in the Garden of Eden.  He feels if he can keep Jerusalem, hence Israel, in a state of turmoil, he can prevent the Second Coming of Christ on Earth.  All of this is discussed in Psalms 2 in which the kings of the earth take counsel against God and against His anointed Christ Jesus.  Their objective?  Throw God out with His Son.  God’s reaction?  He laughs!  Satan’s deception of the nations and the people of the world concerning Israel will not work.  In the final analysis God’s Son, Jesus Christ, will rule from the throne of His father, David, for a thousand years when the lion shall lay by the lamb and men shall study war no more.

Source:  Facts About Satanism in America

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