Learn To Love by John Hagee

The apostle Thomas had a melancholy temperament. The melancholy person always sees the dark side of things. Thomas followed Jesus for three years.

Learn To Love by John Hagee
Leviticus 19:18
You shall not take vengeance, nor bear any grudge against the children of your people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself: I am the LORD.

Love Begins With You.  If You Don’t Like Yourself, You Won’t Like Your Neighbor!  Learn To Love And Appreciate The Way God Made You!
Part Three—

The apostle Thomas had a melancholy temperament.  The melancholy person always sees the dark side of things.  Thomas followed Jesus for three years.  He saw all the miracles.  He wasn’t with the other disciples when they learned of Jesus’ resurrection.  He was probably walking the streets of Jerusalem, wringing his hands and saying, “We should have known you can’t fight city hall.  We were fools to give up our fishing business and follow an unemployed carpenter.”  When they told Thomas that Jesus was alive, he said, “I won’t believe it unless I see it myself.”

Melancholy people are moody and prone to depression.  They are deeply analytical and critical of themselves.  They are sensitive, perfectionist and introverted, and quite often the most gifted and talented people around.  They make wonderful artists musicians, and inventors.  But they often invite suffering and sadness to their lives.

The phlegmatic temperament is calm, cool and collected.  It takes a lot to get a phlegmatic to the boiling point; they’re slow to anger, consistent every time you see them, and avoid getting overly involved in things.  A phlegmatic can tell a joke and never crack a smile.  They feel more emotion than they show.  They have little sympathy for the mood swings of the melancholy and enjoy throwing ice water all over the action-packed choleric.  They love meticulous work and make great accountants and scientists.

Whichever personality types you may have, know that God loves you and learn to love yourself for who you are in Christ Jesus who made you the way He did to fulfill His purposes.

Source:  12 Sunday Mornings—Volume 2

Today's Bible Reading

Old Testament

Job 8:1-11:20

New Testament

1 Corinthians 15:1-28

Psalms & Proverbs

Psalms 38:1-22

Proverbs 21:28-29

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