How To Appreciate Your Partner

There are so many things we take for granted in relationships that end up causing us great problems and even breakups.

How To Appreciate Your Partner
There are so many things we take for granted in relationships that end up causing us great problems and even breakups. that's why i have taken this time to list and explain some of them. 

They may look simple but should not be ignored.

1. Learn To Say Thank You

Learn to say thank u to your Partner in anything he/she does because it makes  them feel very special, it also give rooms for continuity.

2. Buy Gifts

Getting a gifts for someone you love is not too small especially as a surprise, its means a whole lot to them. No matter how small it may be, it show that if you can do when small, you can equally do when much. Gifts should not only be on special occasions like Birthday, anniversary or during the festive periods.

3. Go Out On Date

Both of you are always busy that you don't have time for yourselves, Well that is understandable especially in the Nigeria of today. All you need do, is to plan a special date out maybe after work or during the weekends e.g dinner, go to watch movies together, even an adventure.etc make sure he/she has a pleasant day.

4. Kiss Her Forehead

This point is specially for the man in the relationship. Most men don't this. when you kiss your woman on her forehead it means you respect her and she will love you for that always.

5. Helping With The Chores

Doing this once in a while doesn't mean you are a fool or something. Most partners (The bread winner) will say I cant help my partner to do anything in the house because they will take me for granted, well sorry to disappoint you, if you love your partner dearly you will do it. It will help ease the stress they go through just to keep a perfect home while you were busy at work.

6. Taking Care Of The Kids

This point is for those already married and have kids, Helping to take care of the kid is not a man’s job as those of us in Africa will think,  but when helping to take care of the kids will go a long way to foster the .love both of you share, and make her feel loved and appreciated. And the kids too will long to have a daddy around them not just a daddy that provides food and money.

7. Your Attention

Humans needs attention more than anything, they want you around and also to tell them how beautiful or how handsome they look, complement their efforts and show them how much you notice their efforts in your life.

All the points I have mentioned above are few tricks to Appreciating your partner, use them and see changes in your relationship or marriage. They are not guaranteed 100 percent to change your partner totally as to how you want them, but they will sure improve your relationship life with your partner and family.

I wish you a Happy relationship and great marital life.

Nwalozie Uche Daniel, 

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