Understanding The Difference Between Over-Parenting And Uninvolved Parenting

Having a child changes the aura in a family whether you are prepared for it or not.

Understanding The Difference Between Over-Parenting And Uninvolved Parenting
Raising a child has never been a walk in the park especially in this digital age. Having a child changes the aura in a family whether you are prepared for it or not. It automatically births a new process and experience for couples. Parents have the responsibility to train their child in the right way.

The common mistake most parents make is thinking total control is the best way to raise a child. Some get it wrong in the parenting technique, in some more ways than one, affecting the future of their children.

Sometimes, when parents try to express their affection to their kids, they get it wrong. Parents need to understand the difference between love and indulgence. Getting this wrong can set a child on a wrong track. There are two extreme techniques parents commonly use when dealing with children:

i. Over-parenting
ii. Uninvolved parenting

In the former, parents get too involved in their child’s life. They worry too much and believe that their child is unable to handle certain tasks; causing them to do everything for the child. Doing this has negative effects on a child’s future. It undermines a child’s ability to trust his/her instincts, take critical decisions without second guessing him/herself and in general, cripple the level of independence of that child. When parents go on this extreme of parenting, they just end up affecting the mental health of their child, leaving them vulnerable to future challenges that lie ahead.

On the other hand, uninvolved parenting occurs in homes where the parents are always too busy and have little to no time to spend with their children. Sometimes, they may be there financially and/or physically but are never there emotionally. This affects the mental health of such children and makes such children grow up with low self-esteem; not feeling loved or wanted.

Parents must be able to understand the extremities in parenting. They need to understand that little things such as letting a child pick a dress for an event is enough to improve the self-esteem of that child. Also, they must be able to create quality time for their children no matter how busy their schedule may be. After all, what counts is not the number of hours spent but the quality of every minute spent with the child.

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