I Believe In Miracles

God have numerous ways he encounters the unsaved. Ours is to trust God to save them as our reveals Christ to them.

I Believe In Miracles
In 1998, a man lived alone in a government quarters at Owo, a town in Ondo state, Nigeria. 

He visited his family every two weeks on weekends. Suddenly, his wife was called that he had been admitted in the hospital. The diagnosis was partial stroke, the right hand side of his body was affected.

After a week, he had another stroke on the left hand side of the body. His body was totally paralyzed. After few weeks,in a stable condition,he was discharged from the hospital but couldn't move part of his body. He was mostly carried and made to sit on a wheel chair. With the intervention of some of the his family members and friends,they sought for traditional help. Several sacrifices were made, concoction and ointments too. Out of fear of being opposed,his wife,who was a young Christian convert used them for him as told.

Few months later, while she went to visit the children at home which was another town, her husband's sister stayed behind to take care of him. She locked the door with the keys behind when she went to buy pap. She came back to realise what mistake she had made. He was the only person inside the house,and laid helpless on the bed.

As the sister was thinking of how to break through the door, he heard a voice which said "Arakunrin, dide lo si ilekun yen" meaning "Dear brother, go and open that door". He looked around and saw no one but heard the voice the second time. So he summoned strength, sat up and walked some steps. He fell down. He stood up again and took some steps, he leaped and walked to the door and opened it.

When his wife came back and saw what happened, having read certain passages in the bible, she convinced him that it was the audible voice of God he heard. As they spoke, some Christians, preaching with a megaphone, passed by. She went and invited them in, they preached to him and he, who was a hardened Muslim, confessed Jesus as Lord.

Without any hesitation, they disposed of all the concoction, herbs and ointments given to them. The herbalist who made them threatened that he wouldn't live for the next seven days without them. Guess what? The herbalist died before seven days. Many family members and friends threatened them, claiming that the man wouldn't survive the condition without traditional help, but they ignored them.

The man in the above story is my late father and the wife, my mother. By December 16, it will be four years since he died. Till he died, he leaped. But such incident that led him from a state of complete paralysis to leaping was a great miracle! God have numerous ways he encounters the unsaved. Ours is to trust God to save them as our reveals Christ to them.

Dear reader, whatever miracle means to you in any areas of your life, I decree that it is released to you now in Jesus name. Receive it by faith! Remain blessed.

Written by: Tunmike Umarudeen

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