Let It Go!

A loving relationship with God worth more than whatever you have to renounce and whoever you have to do without.

Let It Go!
When my younger sister was a year and few months old,she just began to crawl and could barely walk, each time we placed a lantern at a distance close to her,she crawled towards the direction of the Lantern. 

I guess she was attracted to the light from it. So to avoid her getting hurt, we either kept her away from it or kept the lantern away from her.

One day,as she crawled towards the lantern,my elder brother wanted to carry her away from it but my mother told him not to do so. For the first time,she got close to the lantern and touched it. She cried out and quickly removed her hand. My mother took her and calmed her.

When we asked my mother why she allowed her to touch it,she said "Each time she crawled towards the direction of the lantern and you took her away from it or took the lantern away from her,it appeared to her as if you stopped her from playing with a bright and attractive object. But now that she has touched it,she know by experience that a lantern is hot when touched,so next time,she won't come close to it". My mom was so right! She never came close to it. Sometimes,she would sit at a far distance from the lantern and stare at it but she never made attempt to touch it again.

This story is a typical illustration of how many of us are. Oftentimes, we get lured by activities, relationships and locations that draw our heart away from God like my sister was drawn to the lantern. And just like we did for her, God would always reach out to us, seeking to keep us away from ungodliness and its consequences. But each time we look at what or who we have to let go,we'd prefer to stick to our religious prayer routines and attendance of Sunday service without commitment to our relationship with Him.

A loving relationship with God worth more than whatever you have to renounce and whoever you have to do without. Consider what is most important - eternal life in Christ. If it cost God everything He had to give it you, what could be too costly for you to give up in return? Let it go today!

Written by: Tunmike Umarudeen 

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