Misunderstanding Salvation by Pastor Robert Breaker

Evangelist Robert Breaker, who shows how it is possible to misunderstand salvation and end up being lost

It was preached by Pastor/Missionary Evangelist Robert Breaker, who shows how it is possible to misunderstand salvation and end up being lost because someone is trusting in what THEY DID rather than trusting in what JESUS HAS DONE for them.

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Pastor Breaker, in this video you spoke of understanding the gospel. I assume you're familiar with John 16:7-15. Jesus said The World would be proven wrong about sin, righteousness, and judgment. He said the Holy Spirit Advocate - The Spirit of Truth would bring the world into all the truth. Regarding Salvation, Jesus said in John 4:22 that the concept of Salvation was not from God.

Now think about this: Jesus said he and the Father judge no one in John 5:22 & 8:15. Unfortunately, that contradicts the picture painted of God in the OT, so putting John 8:26 & 8:44 in Jesus mouth were necessary to preserve the power of the Law. These are not his words and proving it is easy.

Getting back to the idea of salvation, believing that Jesus died for our sins - mistakes - unloving acts towards others, so that we didn't have to pay for those mistakes is a lie. First, if you understand independent and dependent clauses, subject, predicate, you come to realize that the only thing we can say about the new covenant is that Jesus took bread. In Matthew 26:26-28 and the other new covenant verses in Mark & Luke, each comma separates a new independent subject and predicate. Based upon the evidence, the words in those verses, it cannot be stated that the vague noun HE, which identifies a new subject, is Jesus. Nor can the words supposedly quoting Jesus in red ink are his words, because that independent clause to is vague. The devil, who was one of the 12 and not Judas, likely had a scribe insert these verses that support Saul Paul's words in Romans 3:25. How can I say Judas wasn't the devil? The devil prompted him to betray in John 13:2 & Satan didn't enter him until he took the bread in John 13:27. Hmm, the narrator of John is supposed to be John, but John is a disciple - person Jesus loved along with Mary, and Lazarus,and should know what the truth is before reciting it to a scribe. So, how is it John clearly indicates the devil is not Judas in John 13, but in John 6:71 the narrator tells us who Jesus meant in John 6:70 when he said one of the twelve is a devil. The devil being one of the twelve would have an easy time going to a scribe and adding words to a verse or adding entire verses, wouldn't he?

Now, let's get back to salvation. In John 12:47-48 Jesus clearly indicates there is a consequence for rejecting him and his word, does he not? Therefore, just believing in Jesus does not guarantee Eternal life without Judgment, John 5:24, does it? Jesus in John 17:20-23 indicates he is in believers and THOSE WHO WILL BELIEVE. Therefore, rejecting someone because they don't believe exactly how you believe is to reject the individual and Jesus which also rejecting the command to love one another in John 13:34-35. Jesus is the one who gave me the truth. https://youtu.be/y9W9k6xXrjM

Arinola O. Yinka

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