Double Your Blessings by Joel Osteen

Double Your Blessings by Joel Osteen
"Return to the stronghold, O prisoners who have the hope; this very day I am declaring that I will restore double to you."
(Zechariah 9:12, NASB)


We love to take our children to get ice cream. Once when they were little, our daughter was bumped by a little boy who was playing rough with the other kids; down went her cone and out came the tears when he laughed at her. We usually only buy her a single scoop, but something made us say, "Alexandra, this time we're going to get you a triple scoop." Do you know that when God restores what you have lost, He doesn't just give you a single scoop. . . . He promises to give you more than you have lost! No matter what has been taken away from you, no matter what you've lost or experienced in the past, if you stay in peace, He will return to you more than you could ask or imagine. He'll make things right and give you more than what was lost or stolen. He'll restore double to you!


God, I believe my better days are still to come. The pain in my life prepares me to receive twice what I have lost, so I will face whatever comes with steadfast faith. Thank you for giving me this hope. In Jesus' Name - Amen.

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